Our organization


     President – Wendy Boone

     Vice President – Lynda Lee

     Treasurer – Jean Chasin

     Corporate Secretary – Milton C. Johns, Esq.

Committee Chairs

     Community Outreach – Lynda Lee, Lisa Bell

     Social Networking - Lily Lee, Lynda Lee, Wendy Boone

Website – Andrew Dillon, Jean Chasin


     David Bridges, owner Blue Diamond Realty

     Bill Evans, owner IDEAS - Illustration and Design by Evans Art Studio  

     James Hicks, owner DEP Printing

     Carol McCarthy, Realtor with Samson Properties



     Wendy Boone:  571-334-7665

     Lynda Lee:  703-209-2035

     Mailing address:  PO Box 849, Occoquan VA 22125-0849

     Email: cboonefoundation@gmail.com

     Facebook: www.facebook.com/CharlieBooneTrailsMemorial


Title page and Gallery photos:
The skater is Charlie's nephew Brandon Lee at Currituck Sound Park located in Point Harbor, North Carolina