Sending a call out for your assistance!

Thank you to all of our followers and visitors. The Charlie Boone Trails Memorial Foundation, Inc. is trying hard to make this Bike and Skate Park an integral part of Lake Ridge and an exciting destination for the entire community.

This picture is a rough drawing of the site made by member Dan Corris. It shows the 5.6 acre site with dirt bike trails along the left side, the general area where the cement bike and skateboard structure will be and the circular easy-in/easy-out parking lot. 

In addition to working with local organizations, CBTMFinc is working with Pillar Design Studios, an action sports development company that specializes in the design, planning and construction of facilities such as ours. They are helping us produce a technical drawing of the site. This drawing will complete the application we are submitting to the Planning Department in Prince William County to have our park added to the County's Comprehensive Plan. As you are aware, professional services of this kind are costly and necessary to our ability to move forward. 

Donations can be made to our Website or our GoFundMe page where we began our fundraising a year ago. You can follow our progress there as we added updates along the way. 

The initial amount we need at this time is $4,000 with another $2,500 soon thereafter as we continue our relationship with Pillar. This is obviously just the beginning of the funds we need to make this park happen. Ultimately, a facility like this will cost in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, but this is where we begin.

Please share this with everyone you know! We truly appreciate your generosity and support!!