An update and some sad news from our President

It is so bitter/sweet that at the same time we finally have good news to share with you - our supporters - we also have the worst news that could ever be. CBTMF has lost our dear friend and fellow member Dan Corris. His passing is devastating to us and to his friends and family. He was the one to put down on paper the "vision" of what we want our park to look like.  Prince William County Parks Director Seth Hendler-Voss had the perfect words: "I'm so sorry for his loss. His passion and humor could fill any room." Our Foundation has made many friends in high places throughout the County. Their kind words are truly heart-warming. Tom Burrell of the Civic Association LOCCA/PELT had this to say: "We are all so sorry to hear of Dan's passing. He was extremely talented and capable of motivating people to follow the cause. His family will be in our thoughts."

Danny's obituary can be found at

Danny was generous, funny and crazy smart. Above all, he was an amazing father to his little boy Jayson. The saddest part of all this is that Jayson will grow up without his father. Keeping Danny's vision alive is our priority and privilege.

Here is the visual representation of the Charlie Boone Trails created by Pillar Design Studios. Sadly, Danny never saw this, but we know he would have been thrilled and proud!

We would love to hear from you. Please share any thoughts about the park or any words for Danny’s family that you would like to express.

Charlie Boone Trails Bubble Diagram.jpeg.jpg