A note from the President ...

The Charlie Boone Trails Memorial Foundation Team wants to thank our GoFundMe donors for helping us raise the start-up funds we needed. You all donated $1,350 with gifts ranging from $5 to $185, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!! With your help, we were able to apply to the IRS and become designated as a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization , set up a Website, open a  non-profit business bank account and get a secure UPS mail box.  

Our donation process is now in place on our Website and Facebook page. When you select DONATE on the Website, our Welcome page will open and you will be guided through an easy billing process. Donations will go directly to our bank and you will receive an automatic Thank You and receipt with our IRS Tax ID number for your records. On our Facebook page, selecting DONATE will re-route you through the same process.

Our Team will be meeting with the PWC Parks Department again this month and we will be starting our publicity and out-reach in the Lake Ridge Community. Also, our posts will be much more frequent, as they should be. Thank you again for your support!!!